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Image by VinothChandar under Creative Commons

Connecting should be so easy, yet as I trawl the internet for inspiring blogs by Art teachers I hit a wall.

This strikes me as a little odd when there is so much in the way of online images and art to search through. DO art teachers blog? Are they so absorbed in their own art that they just don’t have time to share their wisdom and experiences, ideas and new findings? In this, my first week of blogging, I am searching to find my voice, and questioning whether I have anything of value, importance or even of interest to share with the world. So I continue that search online for a similar voice, a kindred spirit, one who understands the life of an art teacher.

A simple search – and my apologies to jutecht for not using a more advanced search technique as my desperation prevents me from thinking straight- pulls up multiple elementary art teachers, which is great if you are an elementary art teacher but not so if you are MS/High School like me. theteachingpalette offers links to the top 20 Teacher blogs with quality blogs such as but some of which the links no longer work and none, yes none, are art teachers. What is going on, just why are there not a plethora of teachers like me willing to front up, talk about, share and connect with other like-minded individuals? Is this lacking just simply a clue to how hard we work or are Art teachers not bloggers? I spend huge amounts of my time trawling the internet for valuable resources, new ideas and inspiration, so surely it is the number one location to share one’s own thoughts and to receive feedback and inspire conversation with others? In my search online I find multiple sites including This is a good resource, don’t get me wrong and there are some great articles throughout but it still needs a personal touch – the voice of the individual, someone to relate to. has much potential but has not been updated since April 2012. I love his sentiment and the focus on technology. In the same frame, I  hope this one continues and links us to many others of which i must find the time to dive into. A recent find is a fusion of artists and students – a really great idea full of inspiration and contemporary art.

Yet, I am still searching aimlessly for that kindred spirit.

Maybe I am looking at this from the wrong angle- what are art teacher looking online for – an image, ideas, lesson plans or like me: inspiration for a new direction and connection with others?

Twitter has been my lifeline and a continual source of inspiration and new ideas to me for the past year or so. Again, this pulls up a few art teachers across the globe but not the mass or that connection that I yearn for and the personal debate and discussion I need for personal growth. I just reconnected with an art teacher in the UK from my PGCE training all the way back in 1990 – it will be so nice to start that conversation again and to see how our teaching of art have evolved from our early naive days in Birmingham and connect our practices across the globe.

So with my own neck solidly on the block and my heart on the page I ask, nay plead to all you great and wonderful Art teachers out there to take the plunge – dive in and get blogging – we need you!


Reene’s Swan Dive by Nelson de Witt on Flickr Creative Commons


This is me

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This is the drawing that I am recognised by – it is part of an A4 self portrait in pencil completed one summer in Tuscany. Typical of me it is unfinished so I usually crop a section for use as my avatar. Just recently at Learning2 at WAB in Beijing I was recognised by my avatar! I felt I had made it onto the twitter stage! I never thought it resembled me at all until a colleague said it looks like my eye – I guess we are our own harshest critics.

Entering the world of blogging

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It is with a humble heart and much nervousness that I begin this first entry. As many have found before, this seems so much more “real” than micro blogging on twitter that I have been happily, nay confidently, partaking in for the past year or more.

However, on a blog it feels more raw, open and scary – why would anyone read what I have to write, indeed what do i have of any importance that I would deem fit to put out there in the public domain? I have never been much of a writer, but always an avid reader. I love learning from other’s blog posts and have grown so much as an educator through these so why would I choose to dip into this time consuming and literary world?

My reason is simply that I must. In order to continue to share and give back to the world I gain so much from, I must reciprocate and in time model what I wish for my students to do. As an artist, educator, wannabe geek and self confessed twitteraddict, the thrill from the feedback is second to none (apart from a squidgy chocolate brownie perhaps).

and so the journey begins……..