Entering the world of blogging

Posted: October 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is with a humble heart and much nervousness that I begin this first entry. As many have found before, this seems so much more “real” than micro blogging on twitter that I have been happily, nay confidently, partaking in for the past year or more.

However, on a blog it feels more raw, open and scary – why would anyone read what I have to write, indeed what do i have of any importance that I would deem fit to put out there in the public domain? I have never been much of a writer, but always an avid reader. I love learning from other’s blog posts and have grown so much as an educator through these so why would I choose to dip into this time consuming and literary world?

My reason is simply that I must. In order to continue to share and give back to the world I gain so much from, I must reciprocate and in time model what I wish for my students to do. As an artist, educator, wannabe geek and self confessed twitteraddict, the thrill from the feedback is second to none (apart from a squidgy chocolate brownie perhaps).

and so the journey begins……..

  1. Jabiz says:

    So great to have you on board. I have added this space to my RSS feed and I look forward to see what you share. Just take it easy, do not filter yourself and let your thoughts and ideas flow. You will be surprised by how many connections you make. Very nice to have finally met you….looking forward to a chilled out meal soon.

  2. Ms. P says:

    Hi @itsallaboutart! So happy you made the leap of faith. You won’t regret it.

    And so the journey begins…

    and why would anyone want to read what you write? Because you are the only you in this world and blogging and sharing what you think/feel/see honors that unique perspective. Only you can tell your story. I can’t wait to witness it all.


    • I really appreciate that- I had never thought of it like that! I will never be able to write as poetically as you but at least I am writing which is a first, now just got to balance it with everything else in life! Really appreciate your push and encouragement!

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