The Winding Road

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am a reader, a writer of lists, a drawer, a photographer, a creator of 100 ideas a day, a teacher, a mother, a visual note taker. I am on a journey into unchartered territory, excited yet nervous of the winding road ahead.

When embarking on a new journey, we plan ahead, read and research the location, pack accordingly and talk to others who have been there before. We know where we are going and how we will get there. We know what we will find and what we will see when we get there.

Technology and art are not like that. They are forever changing, evolving and mutating. We have no idea what will be in the Art scene in a year’s time or what will be the new digital trend. Part of me is excited not knowing, yet the other is wondering what next? How will I learn, develop, integrate and teach more? Striking the balance between what I believe and what I discover, what I have always done and what I am going to do.

I have no idea where I am going ; I have some idea of how I will get there and faith that I will with the help of such a vast network of supporters: this connected and largely unknown group of like-minded individuals to help us get to wherever the destination is. This is a chance for me to find my voice, to share ideas, to learn and grow. I anticipate the highs, the lows, the frustrations and the thrills of trying out new things, collaborating and changing as a person, a teacher and an artist. I know the journey will not necessarily be an easy one, with twists and turns, potholes and dead ends, but I hope too that there will be beautiful scenery, wonderful views and good company and conversation along the route. I am ready.

and so it seems that the journey is the destination.

  1. Joe Teft says:

    Really excited to be working with you, loved your visual note taking workshop.

    My other masters program talked about everything being a part of the process, and just how important the process is, so I loved your last line…

    • Nicki Hambleton says:

      Thanks so much Joe – good to be working with you too! It was a fun workshop to run with such willing and supportive participants. I find that teaching Middle schoolers, the process is often the most important part of their learning journey. It’s where the most growth can be seen. Even in my own learning, that has always been my favourite part – the experimenting, testing and developing. I look forward to reading your followup posts, loved the first one, you keen one!

  2. Jeff Utecht says:

    This art teacher is just finishing up with course 5. Might be a good connection and a way to look back on what other Art teachers have talked about as they go through the course. feel free to contact her as well…..she’s awesome!

    • Nicki Hambleton says:

      Thanks Jeff, coincidentally, when setting up my RSS feeds on Netvibes a few days ago, I searched for Art on the COETAIL site, found her and added her! Great to have your backing too and to see how the course panned out for another artie.

  3. Louise Phinney says:

    And so we meet again my friend! So happy I saw your tweet and decided to follow you on this journey…

    • Nicki Hambleton says:

      Yes! So great to be working with you, even though not quite in the flesh, so to speak! Great first blog posts too Ms P! I am in the midst of a heavy week (month) of reports, only 260 this year(!), so my reading, synthesising and thinking out loud will have to wait until Friday!

  4. Andrea Khambalia says:

    Nicki, I was inspired by your post! Landscapes and conversations for sure!

    • Nicki Hambleton says:

      Thank you Andrea – that is so nice of you to say! I have just finished and am about to upload my main week’s blog post Reaching Out. So lovely to connect with you.

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