All about the apps

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Paper 53

Everyone loves Paper 53, especially for its beautiful painterly washes. No other app does this so well.

It is so simple to start and you can go straight ahead and create a nice drawn note. Karen Bosch has made a quickstart video to show you what it can do and there are many more online. Try out the different pens (not customisable) and the cut/copy tool.

There are so many tutorials and amazing artwork created on Paper 53, all you have to do is search on YouTube. Here’s a playlist I have created. Just click the 3 little lines in the top left corner to access all the videos:

mastering Paper 53


Adobe Draw

This is my app of choice having eventually made the cross over from Adobe Ideas. The reason I love it so much is for the layers and opacity.

Adobe Draw allows you more customisation as you can make each tool opaque or smaller/larger with the touch and drag of a button. Layers allow you to easily trace and move items about. Try out the pens and layers.


Have a look at some other videos in the following playlist:

If you like working with pen and paper, have a look at Rocketbook Wave, a Kickstarter project I supported in 2015. It seems like a regular book, but the magic starts when you pair it with it’s app to send your notes into the cloud and onto various other locations. Amazingly it can also be put in the microwave when full to clear it – very sustainable!


Explain Everything is another tried and tested great app for visualising your thinking.

Other apps to try out:

Procreate         Tayasui Sketches Pro     FlipInk       Do Ink       Notes

Playlist on Visual Notetaking on YouTube