HKIS Resources April 2018

Here are the slides, links and further resources so you can delve deeper into visual note taking (aka sketchnotes)!

Made with Padlet

Sketchnotes from HKIS:

Made with Padlet
Some of my favourite books on visualising thinking:

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ebok sketchnoting

Today’s learners no longer need to be limited to the written or printed word when externalizing ideas. To some degree, however, educational systems seem to drive hand-drawn imagery and graphical representations out of the acceptable range of choices for expression. With iPad, it is possible to visualize and share complexity by engaging in a process known as sketchnoting in both teaching and learning. Our multi-touch reference book is designed to engage and inspire teachers and learners whose curiosity is stirred every time they see a sketchnote. This is not a How-To guide, but rather a resource that provides multiple perspectives and examples for this highly creative, highly visual process used in support of note-taking, reflection, instruction, and meaning making.
While separated into chapters, you do not need to read this book in any particular order. Tap on any of the galleries to view them in full screen. At the end of the book is a section with resources and links to books, courses, websites, apps, and hardware that can help you to further explore sketchnoting for teaching and learning.

Download the ebook free here

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Mike Rohde


Mike’s book Sketchnote Handbook is a great starting point when beginning sketchnotes.

Mike on Twitter

Doug Neill

Doug on Twitter

Doug’s website and online courses: Verbal to Visual (paid)

Sylvia Duckworth

Sylvia on Twitter

Sylvia’s Flickr sketchnotes

Reshan Richards

Reshan on Twitter

Explain Everything – find out how co-founder uses Explain Everything for sketchnoting

Karen Bosch

Karen on Twitter

Karen’s online sketchnote course 

How to choose an app when taking digital notes:

app comparison tableHow to take visual notes on one hand