Learning 2.014

Demonstrating Learning Visually

Welcome to Learning 2.014 Bangkok! I am Nicki Hambleton, Head of Grade 6 and Teacher of Art at UWCSEA, ready to help you to learn how to demonstrate learning more visually; personally and professionally.

Details of the Session (here)

Please add online/app suggestions to this doc under the various headings:

Participant app sharing doc (Friday)

Participant app sharing doc (Saturday)

Here are the details of the session (subject to minor change):

outline of Session

outline of Session

Part 1: Setting the Scene

Why are visuals important? How do we use Visuals in the classroom?

Part 2: The Practical bit

Using Adobe Ideas on the iPad for Visual Note taking

Part 3: Application

Kellogg – Animation – Brainwriting

Part 4: Show and Tell

Jigsaw groups: alternative ways to demonstrate learning visually

Part 5: Takeaways

How will you apply these ideas back in the classroom?



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